Royal bank of scotland case study

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Case Study Royal Bank of Scotland - Royal Bank of Scotland dramatically reduces fraud in two months

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Royal Bank of Scotland

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The Challenge. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is on a mission to become the number one UK bank for trust, customer service and advocacy. To equip its employees to better serve customers, the global financial services company needed rapid deployment of a secure mobile device management (MDM) solution, integrated with its enterprise app.

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The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the world’s top ten financial groups. The group employspeople across 30 countries and operates out of more than sites Case Study - Royal Bank of Scotland Aims and objectives RBS is currently using Building Sustainability Limited’s. Royal Bank of Scotland Group: Delivering Personalized Customer Experiences We’re creating an environment where we know our customers individually, and we want to use what we know about our customers to really understand what’s important to them – so that we can be there in the moments that matter.

May 17,  · Royal Bank of Scotland were seeking a program for their conference that would focus on stress reduction and stress management. A team building activity that would create a positive attitude, focus the mind and provide inspiration.

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Royal bank of scotland case study
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