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From the ego-utopian side, a cult-type belief system presents a vision of an ideal new self, and this vision can become a source of vicarious pride for believers, as they identify with the ideal and bask in its reflected glory. The sixth season chronicles the quest to replace President Bartlet in the next election, following the primary campaigns of Holden caulfield mental disorder essay candidates from both parties, while the President himself attempts to build his legacy, but finds his ability to govern compromised by his illness.

In order to make a meaningful evaluation of a belief system, it is necessary to go native and become a believer to some extent. This combination of initial inspiration and subsequent guilt, is what first draws a person into a cult, and then makes it difficult for them to leave.

A belief system has both objective and subjective aspects. Plots can range from behind-closed-doors negotiating with Congress to personal problems like post-traumatic stress disorder, from which Josh suffers during the second season.

They are almost entirely a matter of personal opinion, and impossible to prove objectively. For this practical reason, therefore, intensive mind control is generally only applied to selected individuals who are perceived to be not only receptive, but who also have something that the group leadership wants.

It is easier to estimate to what extent a particular group is unorthodox, if its belief system is based on a religion like Christianity, and the group explicitly denies one or more of the central doctrines of the source religion. The basis of a person's free will is their belief system and worldview.

Indeed some of the marketing techniques are not dissimilar. However, there is the danger that this may compromise an investigator's impartiality and objectivity, because an investigator has to make a paradigm shift and adopt, at least temporarily, a new set of beliefs.

They can never be sure that a breakthrough to a deeper level of understanding is impossible, or that valuable insights will definitely not result from attending the next training course or residential weekend offered by the group.

If you criticise their church or group, the cult-member will go into cult-self mode, and will see your criticisms as tending to confirm the cult's warnings about the outside world and its negative effects.

The best one can do is to describe a cult-type belief system, and look at some of the subjective processes which may be going on in the mind of a cult member.

Nevertheless, the mere suspicion that a group might be a cult can be enough to deter a person from becoming involved, and so it can still be worth making relevant criticisms and sowing the seeds of suspicion.

However, cult belief systems have some additional characteristics. In this perspective, a sect religious or secular tends to distinguish itself from the mainstream by having an individual interpretation of some or all of an agreed set of scriptures, or secular tenets, but a sect doesn't tend to invent entirely new scriptures or tenets of belief.

It's not really a belief system, if you don't believe in it. In the first season, the Bartlet administration is in the middle of its second year and is still having trouble settling in and making progress on legislative issues. As their commitment is recognised and acknowledged by the group's leaders, they may also develop a sense of pride in being admitted into an exclusive coterie.

The typical episode loosely follows the President and his staff through their day, generally following several plots connected by some idea or theme. Moral non-accountability is one advantage of following an independent, self-originated belief system.

Who decides what is devious and what is not? Many belief systems could be described as aspirational or even utopian, in the sense that they proclaim an ideal to be realised, and propose a path or a lifestyle for believers that leads towards realisation of that ideal.


Being unfaithful to his wife would never cross his mind. Food security The effort to bring modern agricultural techniques found in the West, such as nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, to Asia, called the Green Revolutionresulted in decreases in malnutrition similar to those seen earlier in Western nations.

To deny something is to declare it untrue, or to refuse to accept the existence, validity, or truth of something. They are almost entirely a matter of personal opinion, and impossible to prove objectively. The third and fourth seasons take an in-depth look at the campaign trail and the specter of both foreign and domestic terrorism.

Equally, however, no-one can make an informed assessment of a belief system in advance, without having first had some personal experience of it. Organisations and their Belief Systems It is the combination of an independent belief system, together with an organisation devoted to promoting that that belief system and gaining adherents, that creates a situation in which cultish patterns of behaviour may develop.In my high school yearbook there is a note from a girl who wrote, "I like you even though you are very mean." I do not remember the girl who wrote this note.

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The West Wing is an American serial political drama television series created by Aaron Sorkin that was originally broadcast on NBC from September 22,to May 14, The series is set primarily in the West Wing of the White House, where the Oval Office and offices of presidential senior staff are located, during the fictitious Democratic.


Cult Mind Control. Outline of a Cult Persuasion Process. Some cults promote a religious type of belief system. Others, such as so-called therapy cults, promote a secular type of belief system, based on quasi-scientific or quasi-psychological principles.

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“At a time when young adult literature is actively picking away at the stigma of mental illness, Whaley carves off a healthy chunk with style, sensitivity and humor.

Holden caulfield mental disorder essay
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