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Would they have good ideas for helping us as "budding authors"? There was just enough content in the ad to give people the sufficient information that they needed and it was delivered in an interesting way.

Throughout the advert, the music bed is noticeable but not overpowering, simply because we wanted the message to more significant compared to the music bed. This is so it is not as though it is being gender biased show.

The producers balance this by simply having the cast in an even amount of both females and males. Ask why do these authors write, eg. In order for myself and group to record we had to book a slot into where we can record. Some are too difficult for the children to understand but others give a good insight into why and how they write, eg.

The characters also show no trace of a race dominant show and this is because of the idea behind the characters. This is a prime example of a variation of age in this show; By having a variation of different ages on this show effectively means that Channel 4 can bring in a wider audience reading because it become more couraging to watch as Diary task 2 unit 4 for audience can see an individual they can relate to.

The cast tend to be very opinionated like the Tapper Family and do not hesitate in sharing how they feel.

Unit 4 Per Diary Task

I love how upbeat the music is, and I find the scenario very fun and positive. Other the other hand, the Teletubbies audience will only be made up of aspirers because toddlers have not yet achieved any lifetime goals to be place in any other psychographics.

Psychographics The psychographics for the show, GoggleBox could possibly fit between Mainstreamers; Aspirers and Succeeders too. We managed to complete all three adverts within a one week period and worked both individually and as a group. This alone can attract a wider audience for our advert and will promote BOA to the wider audience.

The idea of using both female and males represent the idea of diversity and an equilibrium in genders; it also represents BOA in a unbiased way and shows the gender diversity in BOA. I obtained my music bed from a website other than YouTube as it stated that they had copyright over the music; I then emailed the YouTube account holder to ask permission to use his product.

You must successfully complete all your work through Unit 2 including Exam 2 in order to remain in the course beyond the W date. Producers get a niche audience as it may be a lot more achievable in terms of targeting an audience who all same a similar interest; the Teletubbies targets a niche audience by adding elements like, simply sentences, bright, vibrant, primary colours and cartoon characters that add an element of escapism.

GoggleBox features families, friends, and more especially an elderly couple, hetersexual couple, a couple from middle class background and individuals of different races and nationalities.

Students may want to share their journal writing with the class.

Task 2, 3 and 4

Ashton Scholastic, Auckland Getting started with journal writing will need the teacher to explain the difference between a diary and a journal RTF KB. I will not accept the essay exam UNLESS you have already submitted the planning materials to me and received my response to them along with your grade.

The gender rates of the audience for GoggleBox tend to be fairly balanced because each member of the cast share their own opinions of different topics that both male and female can agree or disagree with. Meghan Slater — I really liked the whole idea of the narration and the idea of BOA being home to superstars.

I was also asked by a practitioner to write down what had happened in the accident records.Unit 5 Practice Evidence Record Diary Task 1 P An example of a way I have worked as part of a team is helping out in the years old room when the room was busy and the setting was less of staff.

Unit 4 Per Diary Task Unit 4 Practice Evidence Record Diary 4. 1- During my time at placement I have had to encourage children to use resources in a safe and controlled way.

For example while working outside in the settings back garden the children wanted to play on the slide. Before taking Exam 2, you must complete Unit 2, Task 4 (preparing and submitting two worksheets, an Observation Diary and a Plan Sheet).

You may bring your Observation Diary and. Home > Cache Level 3. Question: Unit 3 Diary Task Supporting Children.

Task 2, 3 and 4

Answer: 1. Manners 2.

Learning task 1: Journal writing

Health and Safety 3. Encouragement 4. Sharing 5. Behaviour Manners: I show good manners in the setting by speaking to the children politely and the staff.

Learning task 1: Journal writing.

Diary Task 2 Unit 4 for Level 2 Child Care

Brainstorm ideas on why people write. Write down all the different types of writing they know, eg.

Unit 6: Task 2

shopping lists, notes, stories, reports etc. Beside each type of writing give a reason for the writing: A diary is a record of actions or what they have done. A journal is a record of reactions. A journal is. Diary task 2 unit 4 for level 2 child care Introduction: In this diary task was carries out observation in a nursery, children age range was 1 to 4 years.

Diary task 2 unit 4 for
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