An argument in favor of establishing ebonics as the national language of the united states of americ

The papers of Benjamin Franklin.


This is a bad combination in public policy; a right that cannot be provided adequately that nevertheless adds billions of dollars in extra costs for US government and taxpayers. World Englishes, 19, However, this was not the intention of the board.

We the people, can most representative of a "People" by having the common thread of language and the ideological exchange that precipitates.

Debate: English as US official language

Many government service offices have gone so far as to offer Spanish version documents and phone menus. Reportsthough the court did not specify how this was to be accomplished. You've made my point for me. Survey participants were also questioned as to their feelings on bilingual education.

An immigrant applies for a work visa and after 7 years of good conduct as a foreign national on U. Report this Argument Con "It should not. People from every race come to the US and learn to understand the American dialect of English.

Many Americans considered nonanglophones to be less than human: It has since been taken over by those who claim that the English language in the United States is an endangered species.

Entitled the 'English Plus Solution'.


In language and cultural studies there is a growing awareness of how language may cause conflict and the effect it has on society. Language Sciences, 26, The debate encompassed many issues, such as whether Ebonics is a dialect of English, a separate language, or simply ignorance towards the English language Matthews, African Americans who speak Ebonics, and the rest of society.

The vote to adjourn seems to have been interpreted by the House as a vote of no confidence both in the committee's recommendation to translate the laws and in its recommendation on the distribution of the sets of laws once they were published in English.

Official English Then and Now Opponents of moves to make English the official language of the United States frequently suspect that English-only advocates are motivated by more than political idealism. Report this Argument Con If people come from different countries and they immagrate into the US, and they still speak their original language you can't completely say that the official language of the us should be English because not all people don't speak that fluently.

Debate: English as US official language

History Although not often acknowledged, the United States has a history of multilingualism. If we give Spanish speaking people this right, we would naturally have to extend the right to all the other some-odd languages and those that speak them. But, language is different, as an individual can choose to learn English.

Official use of the German language in Pennsylvania.

Why English should be the official language of the United States

All public documents, as well as meetings, ceremonies and hearings will solely be conducted in English. One of the bonds that strengthens this unity is our language, English. This bill also takes note of the fact that being multilingual is a vital skill that is necessary to compete on the international market.

Making English the official language wouldn't even stop other languages from making appearances here. Aside from the fact that the government of the United States would potentially be isolating themselves from millions of people, individuals oppose English Only laws because they feel these laws do little if anything to aid non-English speakers become integrated into American society.

Consider it like this: The English Language Amendment, if it is passed, may also prove to be more of a symbol than an enforceable statute, though many people fear that it could become a dangerous tool for linguistic and cultural repression.

For example, when an African American student communicated using Ebonics, the teacher would accept their use of the language without directly correcting their speech. Both at the youth and adult levels, there is a dire need to provide the opportunity for individuals to become fluent.

Official English simply implores those who actually wish to participate in the American Experiment, to put forth the effort to do so, by coming together with the majority of other Americans in a common speech.Furthermore, the argument in favor of English as an official language does not, nor should it, preclude the continued existence and use of the numerous other languages spoken in the United States.

In other words, rather than saying that it does not recognize the possibility of the existence of other language, it simply sets forth one standard as the optimal. ProEnglish is the nation's leading advocate of official English.

We work through the courts and in the court of public opinion to defend English's historic role as America's common, unifying language, and to persuade lawmakers to adopt English as the official language at all levels of government.

English-only movement

Dec 31,  · The United States is home to native speakers of more than languages, and it finds itself catering to people who speak Arabic, French and Chinese, as well as Spanish. One of the most important things that made this possible was the adoption of the English language. English is the American common language and allows all Americans, whatever their background, to communicate and share ideas with each other.

The United States should encourage this tradition by making English officially the national language. The United States of America, contrary to a large majority of all countries (92%), does not not have any official language at the federal level.

English is, therefore, the official language. Two bills, House Bill and H.B.are circulating that would make English the official language of Pennsylvania. Thirty-one other states have adopted English as their official language.

An argument in favor of establishing ebonics as the national language of the united states of americ
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