A collection of durood shareefs

The pious people and the Awliya Allah said that whoever recites this Durood Shareef regularly every Thursday night, at least once, then at the time of his or her death, he or she will see the blessed countenance of Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam and when he or she enters the grave, that person will make the Ziarat of Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam.

Those who read this Durood Shareef daily are rewarded abundantly and all their bad habits evaporate. All the Saints have unanimously given verdict that Durood-e-Tunajjina is the best cure of all ills and all calamities of this world.

Hazrat Qabisa radi Allahu anhu used to only recite this Durood. When you forget anything and your memory fails to recollect it, then recite Duroodyou will remember the forgotten thing. This Durood Shareef is a special one. This is the highest Durood Shareef and if recited after every prayer and in every prayer, it brings a A collection of durood shareefs deal of reward.

If it is recited after every prayer, it is said that the reciter will receive the Sawaab equivalent to the recital of the entire Holy Quran. Hadrat Zarar bin Auzar radi Allahu anhuanother companion of the Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam says that he used to recite this Durood Shareef and fight with the non-believers.

Those who wish to visit Madinah Shareef and pay respects to the Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam must read this Salawat for times before going to bed. The poor man gladly returned to his house. Thus, this Durood Shareef should be recited by every Muslim permanently. When it is recited, Allah showers His blessings on the deceased.

Allah is Great and Almighty to forgive all sins of the reciter during the day and night when he recites Durood Shareef. If it is recited daily, it will give such strength and power to the reciter that no one on earth will be able to subdue him.

He will gain Barakah in his wealth. May Allah shower His blessings on Muhammad the best of all that and on the descendants of Muhammad, on the Companions of Muhammad, on the friends of Muhammad, and on all his family members, O! The pre-requisites of the Revision of the Durood are as below: Those who recite Durood in maximum number will be nearest and dearest to the Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam in the next world.

Send your Mercy and Blessings upon our master Muhammad who is the beloved and most exalted, and upon his Companions and family.

Hadrat Ali radi Allahu anhu said that if any one wishes that he should get the maximum reward for one Durood alone, then he must recite the above Durood Shareef.

In fact, love is the motive force, reverence dissolves and implicit obedience to the Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam which is the natural outcome.

Durood Shareef Collection APK

It was taught by Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam himself. The other ship on the high seas sank, but this ship reached its destination safely and soundly. It brings tremendous prosperity, health and happiness and success in this world and the Aakirah.

It is for this reason that it is called Durood-e-Ghausia.E. A SELECTION OF DUROOD SHAREEFS. Click here to read different kind of Duoord Shareef in Arabic. Following Durood Sharif are posted here in Roman english. 1. DUROOD-E-IBRAHIMI 2. DUROOD-E-NAHARIYA 3. DUROOD-E-FATH 4. DUROOD-E-SHAFI'I 5.

DUROOD-E-DAWAAMI 6. DUROOD-E-TUNAJJINA 7. The Power of Durood Sharif. Gift of Durood Shareef. Guldast a Darood Shareef Wa Piyari Dua Ain by Dr Tariq Mehmood Butt. Kausar Wa Salsabeel Darood Wa Salam.

Documents Similar To darood sharif collection. Daroodon Ki Bahar by Sufi Amir Nadeem Riaz Saifi Naqshbandi.

Uploaded by. Tariq Mehmood Tariq. Darood Wa Salam by S M 5/5(10). Durood Shareef l The Excellence of Durood Shareef for the Ummah as explained in the Holy Quran and Ahadith l What is Durood Shareef and the Importance of Durood Shareef l The Excellence of Durood Shareef as Explained in the Hadith Shareef l Respect that should be Accorded when Reciting the Durood Shareef l The Selections of Durood Shareefs ¡ Durood.

Jul 26,  · Durood Tunjina Once there was a pious man of the name of Shaykh Moosa Zurair travelling on a ship when it started to sink due to a heavy storm.[8]. Apr 30,  · Durood Shareef are equivalent and give full benefits, but some selected and very promptly accepted and favored Durood Shareefs.

Durood Shareef is itself Light and when Light enters the soul every aspiration is achieved and every goal is won. This App contains collection of Durood Shareefs with their benefits/5().

Durood Pak Collection

the excellence of durood shareef for the ummah as explained in the holy quran and ahadith. what is durood shareef and the importance of durood shareef.

Durood Shareef Collection

the excellence of durood shareef as explained in the hadith shareef. a selection of durood shareefs.

A collection of durood shareefs
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